60 years ago, in Fulton County, NY, a small group of parents with children with developmental disabilities came together with a common goal. They wanted to ensure their children would be able to remain in their homes and receive the same educational services that were provided to all children. Using donated space and funds that the parents raised, they established a small school that initially served five children.

The founding parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Madnick, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hermon, Mr. and Mrs. James Abbott, and Mr. and Mrs. John Hladik, joined with others in 1953 to form the Fulton County Chapter of NYSARC, Inc., now known as Lexington. What began as a support group for children and families has grown over six decades to become one of the most comprehensive, mission-driven and well-managed agencies of its kind.

History was indeed being made in Fulton County in 1953 and these parents were true pioneers. At the time, they were considered by many to be radicals, going against the prevailing wisdom that children with intellectual and developmental disabilities should be placed in institutions, segregated from the rest of society. So they defied conventional wisdom and joined with other parents around the state to become members of NYSARC, Inc. They shared ideas, networked and advocated for their children.

As Lexington grew, so did the need for additional resources. Spearheaded by George Madnick in 1983, the Lexington Foundation was created to ensure that Lexington’s commitment to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families would be sustained through long-term financial support. Funds raised by the Foundation are used to support Lexington's programs and services, purchase specialized equipment and sponsor educational and recreational programs.

The Foundation’s ability to fund these services is dependent on private donations.

The Lexington Foundation 501(c)(3)is registered with the NYS Department of Law, Bureau of Licensed Charities. Contributions to The Lexington Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowable under the law. The Lexington Foundation is audited by Bonadio & Co., LLP – Certified Public Accountants.